Ethics policy

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We at Farazin Assets value the ethical publication of quality, useful and trustworthy content in the field of programming and 3D modeling. We adhere to the following values and ethics in publishing our content:

- **Honesty**: We publish our content with honesty and integrity and avoid any deception, manipulation or plagiarism of our content. We also acknowledge and correct any mistakes or errors in our content as soon as possible.
- **Responsibility**: We publish our content with responsibility and accountability and respect the rights, interests and expectations of our users, sources, partners and colleagues. We also protect the privacy and security of our users and do not disclose any personal or confidential information without their consent.
- **Fairness**: We publish our content with fairness and impartiality and avoid any bias, discrimination or favoritism in our content. We also respect and acknowledge the diversity and differences in our society and audience and do not publish any content that is offensive, hateful, inflammatory, false or illegal.
- **Professionalism**: We publish our content with professionalism and excellence and follow the standards and best practices of our field. We also seek to improve our skills, knowledge and creativity and provide value and benefit to our users.
- **Transparency**: We publish our content with transparency and openness and disclose any information that is relevant, accurate and complete. We also disclose any conflicts of interest, affiliations or sponsorships that may affect our content.

We invite our users to contact us and share their opinions, suggestions and criticisms with us. We welcome your feedback and use it to improve our content.