Publishing principles

We at Farazin Assets website prioritize publishing high-quality, useful, and trustworthy content in the fields of programming and 3D modeling. We select, produce, and edit our content based on the following standards and criteria:

  • Accuracy: We strive to provide our content with precision and high accuracy, using reliable and up-to-date sources. We also aim to correct errors and mistakes promptly and inform our users.
  • Originality: We produce our content based on our experience, knowledge, and creativity, avoiding plagiarism of others' content. We transparently identify our content sources and authors.
  • Value Creation: We choose and produce our content with the aim of providing value and benefit to our users. We update and improve our content based on users' needs, interests, and feedback.
  • Ethical Conduct: We publish our content adhering to professional and social ethics, refraining from publishing offensive, promotional, provocative, fraudulent, or illegal content. We are committed to preserving the privacy and security of our users.
  • Diversity: We select and produce our content considering the diversity and differences in society and our audience. We respect and recognize diversity in language, culture, gender, age, religion, nationality, etc., in our content.

We invite our users to engage with us and share their opinions, suggestions, and criticisms. We welcome your feedback and will review it to improve our content.